Mastering Sales To Attract Clients: Part 6

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The last step of the sales process is overcoming objections. This is where you get to examine how well you did in the first five steps and where you get to learn how to improve your sales mastery and your ability to attract clients.

If they say yes to your life coaching, obviously you’ve done well. One thing to keep in mind, a yes isn’t a yes until the money is in the bank. They may say they want to hire you as a life coach, but then will pay you next month. If so, it’s still a no for now and it has the opportunity to become a yes next month. Otherwise, you might be waiting and waiting and waiting thinking you have a yes and then it turns out to be a no.

If you get objections, don’t worry. That’s great! Objections means they’re interested! If they say no and don’t say anything, that means you know they’re just not interested. And that’s OK too! There are lots of other people who are interested. Objections means they really want to enroll in your coaching, but they just need a few questions answered.

The key to this step is understanding that there are only a specific number of patterns to the types of objections or answers you can get. Like a coach knowing his playbook, it’s your job to learn these patterns and their possible objections. Because then you’ll get to learn all the answers very easily. Oh, you don’t have any money, Mr. Jones. Well, let me look in my playbook here and tell you what you should do. Once you know the patterns, you’ll have a lot less fear or uncertainty when they give you objections.

The other key to notice is if you get the same objection over and over from many different prospective clients. If you do, that means there’s a pattern in you in the types of people you are attracting or you have a certain belief that causes that objections to come up. For example, if many clients want to coach with you but have no money, you may believe that people don’t have money to coach with you, and your clients are reflecting that.

All in all, this step is basically where you get to see how well you did in the first five steps of the sales process. This step is where you get to learn, grow and get better at being a life coach.
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Mastering Sales To Attract Clients: Part 6

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This article was published on 2010/12/05